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Our graduates are the treasure of the Live Oak Waldorf School community. We often have applicant families who say, "we are here because of the Waldorf graduates we have met". That says it all. We are all so proud of you.

Alumni, we invite you to register on this website to gain access to the school's current news. When you register, identify the year you graduated. You can also connect with Live Oak friends on Facebook.

Our goal is to help our alumni to reconnect, and to celebrate the events of your lives by sharing them with your peers and proud teachers. Email YOUR autobiography to development@liveoakwaldorf.org

We're pleased to offer the first of many alumni updates.

Sarah Reyneveld

Class of 1994

Teachers: Janet Kellman, Daena Ross, David Adams, Jane Mulder

Sarah attended the Live Oak Waldorf School from1983 to1994.  She moved with her family to Seattle, Washington in 1996 and graduated from Nova High School in 1998. Sarah received her undergraduate degree (Government) from Smith College ‘03 and spent her junior year abroad studying at Oxford University.

After college, she returned to Washington and worked as a Legislative Assistant in the Washington State Senate, and Research Assistant in the Office of Governor Gregoire. She recently received her Master’s of Public Administration (MPA) from the Daniel J. Evans School of Public Affairs at the University of Washington (UW), where she focused on environmental policy.

Sarah spent the summer of 2008 working for the Government Accountability Office (GAO) and spending time with her finance in Washington D.C. She recently returned to Seattle to start her first year of law school at the University of Washington. She very much appreciates the education she obtained at the Live Oak Waldorf School and has very fond memories of her experiences.

Sara Rose Thibaut
Cedar Class 2009 

Teacher: Matt Alsop

After graduating from Live Oak Waldorf this past June, I was lucky enough to be accepted at Sacramento Waldorf School for my high school years. I have been working very hard on my school work to earn good grades and do my very best work every day. I am so proud and honored to be attending the high school that I chose for my future.
I have also continued playing sports and I did especially well with my motocross racing. Over the spring and summer I brought home 14 trophies for my racing at Sacramento Motor Speedway but the one I am most proud of is the one I just received on Sunday for 'second place' in the women's open division for the fall series. It took me all summer to achieve, but I did it. Next year, I'm going to try and take first place. Until then, I'll continue working hard in school so I can continue to receive good grades. That feels just as good as any win I've ever received.

Lawren Turner

Class of 2004

Teacher: Jane Mulder

Hello all! My name is Lawren Turner. I graduated Waldorf in 2004 and proceeded onto to Colfax High School to continue my higher education. While at Colfax, I participated in the drama program, doing technical theatre for all 4 years of attendance, on top of my general education.  I also took an ROP class in autoshop, worked in the woodshop, metal shop, and drafting classes. I have since continued these classes at Sierra College, where I currently attend, majoring in business entrepreneurship and working toward my certificate in residential construction.

All through my last years at Waldorf, in high school, and now at Sierra College, I have been running and working my own landscaping business. The business is called Turner Enterprises and I do installation, maintenance and clean up. I received my business license, as well as wrote a business plan for my senior project at Colfax High School.  I am now planning to expand my business with a contractor’s license and the knowledge on how to run an actual business with the help of Sierra College.

Meanwhile, during all this I met my wonderful girlfriend in auto shop and we have been together ever since graduation from Colfax High. We currently reside in Newcastle, but very recently have purchased a home and are planning to move very soon, hopefully fulfilling my dreams of becoming a landlord/ real estate investor. My girlfriend plans on continuing with her higher education at the University of Edinburgh, in Scotland and I plan to follow her there to work and travel around Europe  -  possibly buying a vacation house to rent out? Nobody knows what the future holds but we can all hope right? That’s it for now. Hope to read everybody’s autobiographies soon!