Live Oak Waldorf Grades 1 - 8 Curriculum

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Grades 1 - 8
The curriculum in these years presents the history of humanity as it coincides with the development of the child. The student, then, through his/her own individuality, transforms it and reflects it back as artist and scholar. From the previous seven-year period, a strong physical body and a sense of well-being lay the foundation for full immersion in the life of feeling. Ideally, the Class Teacher moves with this class for the eight years, from age six through fourteen, creating a unique student-teacher relationship.

Main Lesson, occupying the first two hours of each school day, is designed to immerse the children in a subject over a period of two to four weeks. A four-week block of, say, history, will become an artistic and imaginative learning process, supported by activities such as the recitation of poetry, singing, drama, drawing, and writing-all integrated with the theme-as well as the daily recalling and developing of the content explored in the lesson of the previous day.

The Curriculum by Grade
All Grades 1-8 include: language arts, arithmetic, foreign language, handwork, music and singing, eurythmy (movement to music and speech), form drawing, painting, drawing, modeling in wax or clay, drama and games.
In addition, Grades 6, 7, and 8 include woodwork.

Grade One:

Fairy tales, folk tales, and nature stories; pictorial and phonetic introduction to letters; preparation for reading through writing; qualities of numbers; introduction of the four processes in arithmetic; multiplication tables.

Grade Two:

Legends of Saints and Indians as well as fables; continued work in writing, reading, and arithmetic, with elements of grammar and cursive writing introduced.

Grade Three:

Old Testament stories, composition, grammar, reading, and spelling; study of practical life-farming, housing, and clothing; weight, measures, money.

Grade Four:

Norse mythology and sagas; local geography and map-making; California history and geography; study of the animal kingdom; fractions in arithmetic.

Grade Five:

Ancient history and myths through Indian, Persian, Chaldean, Egyptian, and Greek times; American geography related to vegetation, agriculture, and economics; botany; decimals, ratio and proportion, Ancient Languages, free-hand geometric drawing, electricity, magnetics.

Grade Six:

Roman and medieval history; astronomy; geology; European geography, physics (sound, light, heat); geometric drawing with instruments; biographies; business math-interest, percentage, discount.

Grade Seven:

Arthurian legends, The Renaissance Age of Discovery, and the Reformation; Physics (mechanical); elementary chemistry; human physiology (health and nutrition); geography of South America and the Orient; algebra; perspective drawing; creative writing.

Grade Eight:

Industrial Revolution; French Revolution; U.S. Constitution; Modern history; world geography; Physiology and anatomy; physics; algebra; solid geometry; elementary chemistry; aerodynamics; meteorology; epic and dramatic poetry; current events.
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