Live Oak's Preschool Program

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Photo by KeithSutter



The Live Oak Waldorf School Early Childhood Education Programs features our nurturing, play-centered Preschool. 


Our loving, play-centered programs are designed to meet the developmental needs of young children in a home-like setting. We operate under a license from the State of California and serve children from 3 years-old to entry into kindergarten. The program uniquely meets the young child’s needs through age appropriate activities and rhythms.


The Preschool offers a peaceful, uncluttered environment filled with simple, natural playthings such as smooth river stones, driftwood, moss-covered bark, tree stumps, and oak, birch, and cherry logs. Brightly colored play cloths, movable play stands, soft cloth dolls, big pillows, and a play kitchen all provide many happy hours of creative play for the young child.


Safe, joyful and nurturing care within a soft and beautiful environment create the foundation for our Nursery Care Program.


Domestic life serves as the background for our Preschool daily rhythm. Daily activities include circle time, artistic activities, indoor and outside creative play, snack time, story time, and lunch time.


Additionally, in a gently structured way, children will be provided with the opportunity to paint, draw, bake, cook, garden, and contribute to the daily domestic chores throughout the week. Through the course of the year, we will celebrate the changing seasons together with songs, games, and seasonal activities.


A sense of security and a reverence for nature grow out of these daily, weekly, and seasonal rhythms and celebrations.