Mission and Vision Statement

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Live Oak Waldorf School Vision Statement 

We believe in the development of confident, intellectually curious and creative children who will grow to become socially responsible adults.

Holistic Waldorf Curriculum:
A contemporary interpretation of the Waldorf educational philosophy that emphasizes goodness, beauty and truth
A curriculum that respects and nurtures the spiritual nature of each child
A dynamic approach that weaves a seamless fabric of academics, art, music, and movement
A developmentally appropriate program with a strong emphasis on experiential learning

Healthy Community Culture: A culture founded on ideals of individual initiative, inclusiveness, and shared responsibility
A nurturing and sheltered social environment dedicated to preserving the wonder of childhood
A community which supports the school and works together to create a healthy social life

Thriving and Sustainable Campus:
A beautiful, safe, and well-maintained campus that exists in harmony with nature and provides our children with many opportunities for exploration
A campus with Facilities, buildings, and playgrounds which support and foster our educational and community needs
A balanced commitment to financial health and an economically diverse community

       The goal of Live Oak is the development of confident, healthy, creative, intellectually curious, and socially responsible individuals who make a positive contribution to our world.

Live Oak Waldorf School Mission Statement

Our mission is to educate students for success in high school and beyond, and to encourage kindness, respect and integrity within a nurturing environment.

Our exceptional faculty, and Waldorf accredited program help students discover, develop, and appreciate their unique talents.

We achieve academic excellence by nurturing confidence, intellectual curiosity, and love of learning.

We respect individuality, welcome diversity, and encourage service while preparing students to take their place in the world.

Board Mission Statement

As members of the Live Oak Waldorf School Board of Trustees, we are entrusted to protect and support our school, ensuring that its needs are met in the areas of financial health, legal soundness, and long term site management. We work together effectively and decisively, fostering communication, and creating an atmosphere of abundance. We serve so that the children in our community can have the gift of a Waldorf education.


Parent Council Mission Statement

The mission of the Live Oak Waldorf School Parent Council is to be a strong voice for the parents in our community, encouraging their input and participation, and facilitating dialogue between them and the school; to be an umbrella that connects the parent initiatives; and to manage the school s fairs and festivals. With Waldorf education as our foundation, we represent the Live Oak parents with the goal of strengthening our community, so that our school can more joyfully support and enrich the lives of our children and ourselves.