Middle School (6 - 8)

Middle School
Grades 6-8

A philosophy of freedom must set out from the experience of thinking, for it is through this experience of thinking that a human being discovers his own self, finds his bearings as an independent personality. - Rudolf Steiner

In the sixth, seventh and eighth grade middle school years, the students are met with a rigorous science, math, history and language arts study relevant to their developmental stages. This is a delicate and powerful time of transition and change in the student’s body and mind. The curriculum sets a high standard, allowing for the student to most fully engage in their work, ultimately self-directed and self-motivated. Skills of inquiry and reasoning along with moral, social and emotional capacities are cultivated across the disciplines in main lesson blocks such as physics or astronomy; geometry or algebra; and, the study of the fall of Rome, the silk road or the U.S. civil rights movement. A capacity for joy, wonder, and service are instilled in the student so that they may go on to meet the world in their individuality and sense of truth.

In the 6th grade, students are ready to to engage in the world of healthy competition.  The students now benefit from focus on strong competition -- competing to complete one another, where competitors push oneself and one‘s opponent to perform to their best potential. Students in these grades can choose to play basketball or cross country. Grade 6 competes in the Medieval games furthering their precision, power and play. Grade 7 practices orienteering during "The Age of Exploration" along with after school sports, circus arts etc... with the focus furthering skill and achievement of power and levity.  Grade 8 culminates the Live Oak Waldorf experience bringing the children to a high level of performance and reward. Options include track and field, sports, and circus arts including a performance.  
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A typical day in the 6th grade:
8:15 - 10:15 - Main Lesson : The Middle Ages (6 week block)
10:15-10:40 - Snack Recess
10:45-11:30 - Spanish 
11:35-12:20 - Painting
12:20-12:50 - Lunch Recess / 12:55-1:10 - Quiet Time
1:15- 2 - Math/Geometry
2:05 - 2:55 - Cyber Civics
2:55-3:15 - Chores

Educational Field Trips  Grades 6 - 8 

Experiential learning at its finest with the world as the classroom.  

Field trips are an integral part of the educational experience at Live Oak Waldorf School.   Students become fully immersed in the direct observation and participation in curriculum related topics. The school’s location in the beautiful Sierra Foothills provides an abundance of opportunities to experience lessons directly with trips to a variety of historically and geographically interesting local areas.   Class teachers plan the experiences they feel best support their classes and the lessons. Parents play vital roles as chaperones and organizers. 

Example trips:
Sixth Grade: 
Fall Geology trip to Lassen National Park 
Spring Geology Trip to Yosemite National Park

Seventh Grade: 
Orienteering/Backpacking trip in the Sierra Foothills 
‘Age of Exploration’ trip on a historical tall ship in the San Francisco Bay
Kayaking/Hiking at Point Reyes National Seashore

Eighth Grade: 
Each eighth grade class plans a culminating 7-10 day trip to spend time together before the end of their elementary journey at Live Oak.  Past trips have been made to a variety of destinations including cycling excursions along the California Coast, train travels and service work in the Four Corners area of the Southwest,  paddling adventures on the Eel River and sea-canoeing in Maine.

Crafts Program 6 - 8 

Students in the upper grades begin to broaden and delve deeper into their craft studies with blacksmithing, woodworking, and coppersmithing. 
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Waldorf Curriculum for Grades 6 - 8

6th  Grade Curriculum
Language Arts - biographies ext. grammar, spelling
Mathematics - Precision geometric drawing, business math and economics,  pre-algebra,  proofs
Science - Geology and mineralogy,  physics, astronomy
Social Studies - Roman History, Troy, world geography, life of Christ, Crusades, Mohammed, Islam, medieval life
Handwork - Sewing
Art - Black/white drawing, shadows, landscape paint, color contrast, spectrum
Medieval Games
Path of Chivalry
7th Grade Curriculum
Language Arts - biographies, poetry,  Renais. reformation, 1400- 1700 AD, Arthurian legends
Mathematics - Algebra, Pythagorean Theorem, geometric proofs of Euclid 
Science - Physics, chemistry, human physiology, health, nutrition
Social Studies - African geography, History I, History II
Handwork - Special projects
Art - Perspective drawing, emphasis on painting techniques, intro to veil painting, mixed media
8th Grade Curriculum
Language Arts - The short story and creative writing
Mathematics - Intermediate Algebra, 3D geometry - platonic solids, ratios and proportions, the 
Golden Mean
Science - Physics, organic chemistry, human anatomy, meteorology
Social Studies - 1700AD. to modern times, French and American revolutions, US Civil War,  American Indian Independence Movement, 
and Civil Rights Movement
Handwork - Sewing machine
Art - Emphasis on technique, shading,
perspective, proportion, comp., accurate rendering
Age of Exploration

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